clients whom we consider our partners.

Principles that we apply in our daily work both reflect personal qualities of each member of the team and show that we view partnership and strategic cooperation as being of central importance for our relations with clients.


We apply the following principles in our work:

Broad outlook. In addition to being knowledgeable of areas of the law, we take interest in the specificity of your business so that we, as direct partners, can assist you in creating maximum value added.

In-depth analysis. In any situation, we identify and analyse in detail all challenges, opportunities and threats, and indicate both expected achievements and potential risks to our clients.

Partnership and dialogue. We develop long-lasting partnerships through an open dialogue. We gain trust of our clients by our commitment to achievement, and help businesses to be one step ahead by informing about changes in the legal framework.

Maximum competences. We continuously deepen our knowledge in the specified areas of the law by establishing contacts and analysing case law and amendments to legal acts.

Resource saving. We seek to save your time and money so we focus on prevention rather than ‘extinguishing of fires‘. Where possible, we seek ways to resolve disputes out of court.

Responsibility.We measure success by results achieved by our clients, therefore, we weigh carefully and assume responsibility for each solution proposed.

Openness. We are dynamic and open to changes and innovation, just like our clients.

Ambitious professionalism. We strive to work in a way that exceeds our clients, and our, expectations.

Individual solutions. Each client is unique, therefore, solutions for the client‘s business must be selected on an individual basis upon evaluation of all relevant circumstances.

Our partners

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