JurisConsultus Professional Law Partnership with you since 2009.

Since its establishment, JurisConsultus law firm has been bringing together lawyers who act as legal partners, advisers and consultants for businesses. We have a clear strategy for the future: developing solutions that are based on close partnership and augment our clients’ business.

Today’s JurisConsultus:

  • A team of experienced lawyers and legal professionals;
  • Over 1,000 clients for whom we are a strategic legal partner;
  • 9 sectors in which we provide legal consulting;
  • 6 practice areas in which we represent our clients’ interests in a comprehensive manner.

Managing Partner



Partner in JurisConsultus Professional Law Partnership. Valued by businesses for over 20 years for accurate legal solutions in the company, contract, commercial, IT, finances and public law areas.

Legal business acceleration

We believe that each client is unique, therefore, we always seek tailored solutions that would promote both growth and competitive advantage of your business. Upon analysing and evaluating business environment, we assist our clients in keeping up with numerous laws and in properly managing risks based on knowledge of current laws and regulations.

Legal solutions provided by us, actual achievements valued by our clients, and attentiveness and dialogue with businesses is a cornerstone of our cooperation with clients. That is why, in the market for legal services, we are valued as lawyers – partners rather than lawyers – crisis managers.

Seeking to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients, therefore, we employ the experience of the whole team and knowledge of legal acts and we follow developments in both case law and legal framework. This enables us to perform the work of a legal consultant best, and this represents our strength in the dynamic environment of modern business

Our partners

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